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El Alamein 1942

€25,00 EUR

El-Alamein 1942

System: Battles of the World War II

Complexity: high

Scale: batalion-company

Board: 2 x 50/70 cm

Scenarios: 3

Desription: In the 1942 three important battles took place near El Alamein, becoming turning point of the African campaign.  German attack on Alexandria was successfully stopped and Allied counteroffensive managed to took an initiative from German for good. Erwin Rommel was defeated by the British Eight Army and lack of supplies made Axis forces unable to stop enemy advance. The game covers Rommel’s attack at Ruweysat Hills area, fights near Alam El Halfa and the final, decisive and biggest battle near El Alamein. Players have to remember not only about their forces but about their supply lines as well. Detailed rules and battalion scale allows to play very precisely.