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Normandy 1944 - Release: July 2024

€29,00 EUR

Normandy 1944

System: Great Battles 1939-45 (WB-95)

Complexity: medium

Scale: Regiment

Board: 2 × 50/70 cm

Scenarios: 3

Description: 6 June 1944 saw the beginning of the biggest air sea landing operation in the history- an invasion of Normandy. Three airborne divisions and seven infantry divisions attacked Germans, starting the liberation of the western Europe. German resistance was weaker than allies expected, mostly because of the successes of the allied intelligence. Hitler was certain that allies are about to land in the Pas de Calais area and forbid his commanders to use armored divisions in the first stage of the battle. Players are welcome to see what could happened if marshal Rommel would convince Hitler to use his tanks right after the invasion. Or maybe allies can capture Caen and other key points even faster than original allied commanders? Game gives players all the forces that both sides could use in 1944.


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