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About us

The publishing house Taktyka i Strategia was established in 1989. We have been creating board games for over 30 years. Our portfolio includes over 200 titles. Over time, we expanded our offer to include publications, books and war atlases unique on the publishing market.

We are also the publisher of a magazine in which we publish materials with military history and include complete games as well as an extension for our boxed games.

The world of wargames to gain experience from the battlefield. We are players ourselves and we want to present new titles - even a dozen or so games a year. Earlier, we have produced games covering the times from the early Middle Ages to the present and even to the near future. With games, we want us to be able to show off and test our leadership skills.
The games give you the opportunity to expand your command capabilities, both at the tactical, operational and strategic level. Thanks to them, you can find out whether the battle fought in history could have gone differently, or whether it was possible to avoid defeat or win in a better style. For you, we prepare original units and their historical positioning of troops on the map, while during the game there is full freedom of the commander's decisions, which depend only on the player's imagination. In order to win, you often need to show cleverness, independent thinking, the ability to work in a team, as well as a quick reaction to the movements of opponents.
Our work and experience have gained recognition of many companies known around the world. For many years, we have been cooperating with the world's largest publishers, for which we create maps and print components for their games. We also carry out complete projects for our domestic and foreign partners.

We have great pleasure and satisfaction watching the development of our company in Poland but also abroad. We are invited to board game conventions in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and San Marino, we participated in the games fairs in Essen and Modena.

As players and game leaders, we have had the pleasure of participating in simulations in Polish and foreign research centers many times.