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Stalingrad 1942

€29,00 EUR

Stalingrad 1942-43

System: Great Battles 1939-45 (WB-95)

Complexity: medium

Scale: Division-regiment

Board: 2 × 50/70 cm

Scenarios: 3

Description: Summer of 1942 saw yet another massive German offensive, this time launched towards Stalingrad. Wehrmacht made its way through the Soviet lines, successfully reaching the city, starting one of the biggest and most important battles of the World War II. Soon the German 6th Army captured major part of the city, but then Soviets attacked its wings, defended by the weaker Romanian units. Germans found themselves surrounded in the Stalingrad and withdraw was not an option for Hitler. Instead, the German army prepared an attack to break the Soviet blockade. However, Soviets had a time to prepare a number of fortified positions. The game covers all three major stages of the Stalingrad campaign – the German offensive at summer 1942, Soviet attack that resulted with closing the ring around the city and the German attempt to break the blockade. A big number of units and race against time and enemy are the major highlights of this game about the turning point of the World War II. Could Germans won this campaign and change the course of the World War II? Was it possible to fight better without Hitler’s commands?


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