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21 st Century battles (Part 2) - Released!

€29,00 EUR

The Battles of the 21st Century is a company-level wargaming system where players can assume the roles of commanders on the modern battlefield. In the game, there are maps and tokens for hypothetical battles that take place near Braniewo, Malbork, Grodno, on the Taiwanese island of Kinmen, and at the Ukrainian airport of Hostomel. Thanks to its versatility, the game allows players to engage in battles using any chosen strategy.

Airborne assaults, artillery bombardments, tank battles, anti-tank missile strikes, and many other types of military operations are described in the rules of the system. However, the way they are used, the location, and the timing depend solely on the players.

The second part of the Battles of the 21st Century system is now
available to players.