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Ardennes 1944

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Ardennes 1944

System: Great Battles 1939-45 (WB-95)

Complexity: medium

Scale: Regiment

Boards: 2 × 50/20 cm

Scenarios: 4

Description: The last German major offensive of the western front was a Hitler’s poker move. In desperate attempt to recreate the 1940 success, German armored divisions attacked Americans in Ardennes,  fighting their way to cross the river Meuse and to capture Antwerp. But despite the initial successes, Germans failed to capture Bastogne and some other key points. With allies reinforcements coming every day, German offensive was stopped, even the use of the 150th Armored Brigade, armed with the captured US equipment, couldn’t change it. Game for the players who like risky, daring maneuvers and desperate attacks.


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