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Battles of 2nd World War

€29,00 EUR

Battles of the World War II 1943-45

System: Battles of the World War II (B-35)

Complexity: very high

Scale: Battalion-company

Boards: 2 x 50/70 cm

Scenarios: 4

Description: Fourth edition of the Polish oldest and most complex wargames system. Battles of the World War II 1943-45  (usually known as B-35) is not showing any particular battle – instead it gives players an opportunity to play a number of battles that shows most often used kinds of maneuvers, like sea and air landings, armored attacks, surrounding the enemy, attempts to break the blockade or desperate defense against stronger attacker. The game contains American, Czech, British, Polish, Soviet and German units. A big number of scenarios was released in the Polish wargaming magazines. B-35 rules are very detailed and were used in many historical games. Each of these games is separate title, so having this one is not obligatory to play them.