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Grochów 1831

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Grochów 1831

System: Napoleon

Complexity: medium

Scale: brigade-regiment

Boards: 2 x 50/70 cm, 1 x 50/40 cm, 2 x 38/25 cm

Scenarios: 6

Description: On 25 of January 1831 polish parliament had dethroned tzar Nicolaus I, stating the war between Poland and Russia. At the first days of February, Russian army under the field marshal Ivan Dybitch crossed the border of the Congress Kingdom and moved quickly towards Warsaw. Its goal was to capture Polish capital and finish the war as soon as possible. However, even the early skirmishes showed Russians that their march on Warsaw won’t be easy. The game covers several battles of the first stage of the Polish November Uprising – Grochów, Wawer, Dębe Wielkie and Iganie, along with the battle fought on the east side of Vistula at 1809. Following battles differ with the number of the units, time and scale, showing various military aspects of the November Uprising, where Polish army was once a defender and another time – an attacker.