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Grunwald 1410

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Grunwald 1410

System: Medieval

Complexity: medium

Scale: 1 counter – 200 men

Boards: 2 x 70/50 cm

Scenarios: 3

Description: The biggest battle of the medieval age took place on 10 July 1410 at the fields near Grunwald. Polish-Lithuanian armies under the Polish king Władysław Jagiełło and his brother, Grand Duke of Lithuania Witold met an army of the Teutonic Order led by the grand master Ulrich von Jungingen. Clever plan of the allies as well as their numerical superiority allowed them to win the battle in which died many of the Order’s nobles with their grand master as well. Although victory was not fully exploited later, it was a beginning of the long term cooperation between Poland and Lithuania. Players may check if the Teutonic Knights were able to win the battle or if just a numerical superiority of the allies is enough to guarantee their victory.