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Battle of Kircholm 1605

€29,00 EUR

Kokenhausen 1601,

System: Winged Hussars

Complexity: medium

Scale: 1 counter – 100-150 men

Boards: 3 x 50/70 cm

Scenarios: 3

Description: The Polish-Swedish War (1600-11) was a continuation of struggle between Sweden and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth over control of Livonia and Estonia, as well as the dispute over the Swedish throne between Charles IX of Sweden and Sigismund III of Poland. In the opening battle of Kokenhausen at 1601 Polish forces defeated the Swedish relief force and captured the besieging force, relieving the Polish garrison. The battle of Kircholm at 1605 was decided in 20 minutes by the devastating charge of Polish-Lithuanian cavalry, the Winged Hussars. Both battles are notable as great victories of the Polish hussars, who defeated their numerically superior Swedish adversaries. The Game allows players to see if Swedish army, which was one of the finest in Europe, could stand against Polish-Lithuanian forces and win any of these battles.