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Koronowo 1410

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Koronowo 1410 - Strategic Board Game

Four months after the victorious Battle of Grunwald by the Polish Army (July 15, 1410), another great clash occurred at Koronowo (October 10, 1410).

Historical Outline: After the victory at Grunwald, the Polish Army began the siege of Malbork (July 25 - September 19, 1410). However, the castle was not captured, and the Teutonic forces began to regain control over most of their territories. About 4,000 Teutonic mercenaries arrived in Gdańsk Pomerania intending to attack Kuyavia and capture Bydgoszcz. King Władysław Jagiełło, after gathering the levée en masse, sent a unit of about 2,000 soldiers to stop the enemy. Koronowo was a strategic location, as the shortest route from Tuchola to Bydgoszcz passed through there.

The Poles managed to occupy Koronowo, so the Teutonic Knights, surprised by the Polish readiness for battle, began to retreat. Mounted archers pursued them. Realizing that a battle was unavoidable, the Teutonic forces stopped on a hill 7 kilometers from Koronowo, where they took a favorable position to resolve the clash with a single strike. A battle ensued, in which the Poles managed to capture the Teutonic flag.